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cmdlet to map igroup to lun

What is the cmdlet to map an igroup to a lun?




Re: cmdlet to map igroup to lun



Depending on if you are using 7-Mode or cDOT it's either Add-NaLunMap or Add-NcLunMap. See cmdlet help for usage:


PS C:\> get-help add-nclunmap -examples


    Maps a LUN to all the initiators in the specified initiator group.

    --------------  Example 1 --------------

    C:\PS>Add-NcLunMap /vol/testvol/testlun x3550rre8

    Map LUN 'testlun' to igroup 'x3550rre8'.

    Path                    Size Protocol Online Mapped Thin Vserver  Comment
    ----                    ---- -------- ------ ------ ---- -------  -------
    /vol/testvol/testlun 20.0 GB hyper_v   True   True  True costea01



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Re: cmdlet to map igroup to lun

I am not sure why It keeps saying value cannot be null


get-nclunmap /vol/myvol/mylun


get-nclunmap : Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: Controller parameter neither specified nor set in $global:CurrentNcController
At line:1 char:1

Re: cmdlet to map igroup to lun

oops sorry. I am running 7mode so I used get-nalunmap instead and works fine