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connect-nccontroller without password prompt

Hi together,


I'm trying to run a script (exporting shares etc.) without a password promt.


Our CVO 9.5P10 is domain joined and the user the powershell session is running with is set as admin on clust and svm level.

Is there a way to use the user of the Powershell session to do the login without storing the password somewhere and without having a password prompt?


I tried multiple things, e.g.

connect-nccontroller $server

connect-nccontroller $server -Credential $(whoami)



Re: connect-nccontroller without password prompt

Check the man pages.. Here is the full information


C:\PS>$password = ConvertTo-SecureString "p@ssword" -AsPlainText -Force
$cred = New-Object -TypeName System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -ArgumentList "admin",$password
Connect-NcController -Credential $cred

Connect to controller '' using HTTP/HTTPS but suppress the credential prompt by creating a PSCredential object programmatically.


Re: connect-nccontroller without password prompt

Yes, I read this. But this means I have to store the password one time. And I have to change this when the domain password changes.

Is there no way to use the token of the already logged in user?

Re: connect-nccontroller without password prompt

Someone shared this on another post of mine.  You can pass this for the credentials.


#Store credentials if needed
if (!($Creds)){Set-Variable -Name Creds -Value (Get-Credential -credential "$env:userdomain\$env:username") -Scope Global -Visibility Public -Option AllScope}


Re: connect-nccontroller without password prompt

My recommendation would be to look at the "Add-NcCredential" cmdlet for encrypted storage of cached credentials that can be used by the PSTK. You could also use the "Credential Manager" module from the PowerShell Gallery, which provides you a method to retrieve credentials from the native Windows Credential Manager. I've used both of these options with good results in my code. 

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