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convertto command failing


Trying to take advantage of the new powershell command that converts VHD files into VHDX files and I'm getting an error during the operation. The command comes back with "Clone operation failed to start: SIS clone not licenses." Does this error mean that a flexclone license is required?

Also, when creating a new vhdx using the New-NaVirtualDisk command with the -VHDX switch, hyper-v recognizes the virtual disk as dynamic. I believe the intent was to have it be a fixed disk unless the -dynamic switch is used. Anyone else notice this issue? The end goal would be to create a fixed VHDX of all our existing VHD files.



Yes, a flexclone license is required to use the conversion cmdlet.

To your second point, it appears the cmdlet fully allocates the VHDX and fails to set the LeaveBlocksAllocated flag in the VHDX metadata, causing Hyper-V to recognize the disk as dynamic.  Look for a fix in the next version of the Toolkit.