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get-ncsnapshot against 9.1 cluster with 200K snapshots


I'm trying to speed up the process of acquiring the "Created" field on each snapshot returned from get-ncsnapshot.   It currently takes many hours to return a generic get-ncsnapshot against a Ontap 9.1P2 cluster with >200K snapshots.


I've tried the following:


$snaptemplate = get-ncsnapshot -Template

get-ncsnapshot -Attributes $snaptemplate


While this does yield significant performance improvements, it doesn't include the "Created" property.


I can't initialize-ncobjectproperty against created as it's an alias for AccessTimeDT.   I can't initialize AccessTimeDT as it's read-only as follows:


Initialize-NcObjectProperty -Object $snaptemplate -Name AccessTimeDT
WARNING: Property AccessTimeDT on object  is not writable

Name                      Volume               Vserver                   Created      Total Cumulative Dependency                                                                
----                      ------               -------                   -------      ----- ---------- ----------                                                                


I need to be able to initialize AccessTimeDT within the $snaptemplate object in order to be able to return the results needed.


 $snaptemplate | get-member

   TypeName: DataONTAP.C.Types.Snapshot.SnapshotInfo

Name                                       MemberType    Definition                                                             
----                                       ----------    ----------                                                             
Created                                    AliasProperty Created = AccessTimeDT                                                 
Cumulative                                 AliasProperty Cumulative = CumulativeTotal                                           
Equals                                     Method        bool Equals(System.Object obj)                                         
GetHashCode                                Method        int GetHashCode()                                                      
GetType                                    Method        type GetType()                                                         
ToString                                   Method        string ToString()                                                      
Validate                                   Method        void Validate()                                                        
AccessTime                                 Property      System.Object AccessTime {get;set;}                                    
AccessTimeDT                               Property      System.Nullable[datetime] AccessTimeDT {get;}       


Anyone have any ideas on how to modify the template to have AccessTimeDT writable so it can be used to speed up get-ncsnapshot?







Re: get-ncsnapshot against 9.1 cluster with 200K snapshots


The problem is that AccessTimeDT is not a property being returned from ZAPI, but rather is a calculated property coming from the toolkit. You can use your current method but initialize the AccessTime property instead and then calculate the DT property yourself (you can use the cmdlet 'ConvertTo-DateTime -Seconds $_.AccessTime' to calculate the DT property).


I hope this helps.





Re: get-ncsnapshot against 9.1 cluster with 200K snapshots


I find it easier to use the hash notation for these types of attribute limit examples...


Get-NcSnapshot -Attributes @{ AccessTime = "" }

The AccessTime is turned into a PowerShell DateTime object by PSTK and accessed using hte AccessTimeDT property of the resulting object.  That's why it doesn't recognize it when trying to limit the attributes returned.


Hope that helps.



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Re: get-ncsnapshot against 9.1 cluster with 200K snapshots


Nevermind. What Andrew said. 🙂

Re: get-ncsnapshot against 9.1 cluster with 200K snapshots


That makes sense. 


Thanks for your help....

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