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get-ncsnapshot returns no snapmirror label with ONTAP 9



Recently we added our latest NetApp cluster and we noticed that our check whether volumes have the correct snapmirror label came back with errors.
During the debugging we found that for the new cluster the ‘get-ncsnapshot’ cmdlet returned an empty string on the ‘SnapmirrorLabel’ value.

I used the following DataOntap module Version : 4.2.0


On a < Ontap 9 filer this is no problem:


Connect-NcController hvs1san031 -Credential $CredNA

Name Address Vserver Version
---- ------- ------- -------
hvs1san031 10.253.4.xx NetApp Release 8.3.2P1: Thu Apr 14 15:58:25 UTC 2016


get-ncsnapshot n2_esx_os_1057 -SnapName daily.2017-06-13_0010 | fl


SnaplockExpiryTime :
SnaplockExpiryTimeDT :
SnapmirrorLabel : daily
SnapshotInstanceUuid : d0f14f9f-ee17-4e70-8d5a-6b7431791cfb




On the Ontap 9 filer the result is null:

Connect-NcController asd2san034 -Credential $CredNA

Name Address Vserver Version
---- ------- ------- -------
asd2san034           10.253.2.xx                            NetApp Release 9.1P2: Tue Feb 28 18:17:30 UTC 2017



get-ncsnapshot s2_lnx1512_export -SnapName daily.2017-06-13_0010 | fl


SnaplockExpiryTime :
SnaplockExpiryTimeDT :
SnapmirrorLabel :
SnapshotInstanceUuid : f1849032-edac-4a54-9b48-dd5f4490e775




Ont the CLI the snapshot returns the configures snapmirror label:


Volume: s2_lnx1512_export

Snapshot: daily.2017-06-13_0010

Creation Time: Tue Jun 13 00:10:00 2017

Label for SnapMirror Operations: daily




Anybody any thoughts on how to resolve this?




thnx, I did not found that threath with the search.

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