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how to find .vhd files on a flexclone volume



I created a flexvol and i'm using NFS to create my golden images ( .vhd ), i finished the golden image creation and i proceeded and created a flexclone ( from the flexvol ), however, once i mount that new flexclone i'm unable to to see those .vhd files from the parent vol. why ?, what i'm missing ?



Re: how to find .vhd files on a flexclone volume


Could you explain how did you create the flexclone,flexclone uses the snapshot to create the clone,the point of time at which the snapshot was taken if the volume had these files then on using this snapshot and creating the clone should have .vhd files,if you are using a snapshot let us say that was taken at the point of time when these .vhd files were not there on the volume then the clone will also not have those files.You can also try

taking one more snapshot now,use that and create a clone and see if this makes any difference.



Re: how to find .vhd files on a flexclone volume


Hi Felipe (& welcome to the forums ),

I looked into your post before, but it is was somewhat confusing for me, as I associated .vhd format with Microsoft Hyper-V & couldn't match that with NFS. Recently I found out that Xen adopted the same format, so are you actually running Xen over NFS?


With the FlexClone the only explanation on my mind is you used an older snapshot as a base for your clone. If that old snapshot has been taken before you created vhd files, then you won't see them in the cloned image. [edit: exactly the same has been said by Vinay above]


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