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ifgrp interface reconfigure


Hi Frndz,

We have lacp -ifgrp for nfs shares used to hyperv machines.Because of bug related to flowcontrol, we supposed to change the flowcontrol settings in interfaces.

Netapp support has suggested to do the changes by editing RC file with consequences of takeover & giveback method.

I have some other ideas like , re-configuring a interface one by one like below , since it has redundancy.

ifconfig e0a flowcontrol none

once the above completed

ifconfig e0b flowcontrol none

next one, is to edit the RC file and execute the source cmd.

Tried these options in simulator it was working perfectly , i dont whether it will work in procuction. Please suggest.





Either method will work for reconfiguring interfaces.  I typically don't like to source /etc/rc because you end up with duplicate commands which sometimes generate errors, but that is just my preference.

For flowcontrol settings, though, I think the interface may need to reset, which may be why NetApp wanted a takeover/giveback.  The NMG says that the flow control setting is advertised during autonegotiation.  If the link is already negotiated, I'm not sure changing this setting will have an effect.  You could verify on the switch end, and if it doesn't take effect you can offline/online the switch port, which should force a negotiation - again, you've redundant links so this should be okay.



What is the flowcontrol bug?