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nc cmdlets - can we get logical used for aggr and volume


looking to duplicate some cluter commands:


storage aggregate show-efficiency   - command output on filer shows logical used - what does that translate to using the toolkit?


Is there a switch or something to get the same output via the toolkit?


Thanks Steve



Hi Stephen


Is this what your are looking for?



PS C:\> $aggrEfficency = Get-NcAggrEfficiency
PS C:\> $aggrEfficency.AggrEfficiencyCumulativeInfo

NcController                : cluster1.testlab.local
TotalLogicalUsed            : 3547951104
TotalPhysicalUsed           : 411455488
TotalStorageEfficiencyRatio : 8.62:1
TotalLogicalUsedSpecified   : True
TotalPhysicalUsedSpecified  : True

PS C:\> $aggrEfficency.AggrEfficiencyVolumeInfo

NcController                              : cluster1.testlab.local
VolumeCompressionSaved                    : 0
VolumeDataReductionStorageEfficiencyRatio : 1.24:1
VolumeEfficiencySaved                     : 80281600
VolumeLogicalUsed                         : 412844032
VolumePhysicalUsed                        : 332562432
VolumeVbnZeroSaved                        : 0
VolumeCompressionSavedSpecified           : True
VolumeEfficiencySavedSpecified            : True
VolumeLogicalUsedSpecified                : True
VolumePhysicalUsedSpecified               : True
VolumeVbnZeroSavedSpecified               : True

Note: An easy method to find the cmdlet's is: "get-command *nc*effic* -module dataontap"



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sort of, I am looking for the following:


equivalent of 

aggr show-efficiency -details

aggr show-efficiency -advanced


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