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set-ncquota behavior



does anyone use the CmdLet "set-ncquota" to manage users quota? I did some tests and I had a strange behavior. Here are some information to help you to understand my problem.

- I'm working on a volume (dit_filesx_indiv) and I set a default quota policy with a "space hard limit" of 2GB per user.

- The volume (dit_filesx_indiv) is on a vServer named "filesx"

- My user is INTRANET\chaboude (<domainName>\<username)

And now, here is the step I did :

  1. I manually created a folder named "chaboude" in the volume and set "INTRANET\chaboude" as OWNER
  2. I go to "System Manager", browse for the correct vServer (filesx) and go to "Storage" > "Quotas" > "Quota Report".
  3. I can see an entry for INTRANET\chaboude with the following:
    Volume: dit_filesx_indiv
    Qtree: All Qtrees
    Type: user
    User/Group : INTRANET\chaboude
    %space used: 0
    % files Used: -NA-
  4. When I select the entry, in the details (below), I can see :
    Space Hard limit: 2GB
    File Usage : 1
    Space Usage: 0kb
  5. If I try to copy a file bigger than 2GB, I have an error.

After this, I try to change add a "User defined quota" of 10GB for my user INTRANET\chaboude. I use the following PowerShell code:

$secPassword = ConvertTo-SecureString "********" -AsPlainText -Force

$credentials = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential("nas_ps_readwrite", $secPassword)


$connectHandle = Connect-NcController -Name srv3140cluster-mgt -Credential $credentials -HTTPS

$vserver = Get-NcVserver -Name filesx

Set-NcQuota -Controller $connectHandle -VserverContext $vserver -Volume dit_filesx_indiv -Type user -DiskLimit 104857600 -Target INTRANET\chaboude

Then, I go back to "System Manager" to see the "User Defined Quotas" tab for my volume "dit_filesx_indiv" and I can see a entry for INTRANET\chaboude with the following.

- Volume: dit_filesx_indiv

- Qtree: All Qtrees

- Type: User

- User/Group : INTRANET\chaboude

If I select the entry, below, I can see that "Space Hard Limit" is set to 10GB.

BUT, if I now try to copy files in "chaboude" folder for more than the 2GB limit I had before, I have an error!!!

I go back to "System Manager" and in "Quota Report" tab and I select the entry for "INTRANET\chaboude" to see the details, I can see that the "Space Hard Limit" is still set to 2GB....

What did I wrong with the "set-ncquota" command??  Does anyone can help me?

Thank you


When I add a quota using