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So the company I work for (which shall remain nameless for the purposes of this dicussion) has recently bought a NetApp device and we're in the process of buying more. I've read that if you own a NetApp device you can get access to training materials. I'm not currently in the role of Storage admin, but since we have a small team we're expected to know "everything". The device we currently have is registered to the storage admin's NOW account (which makes sense because he needs to download the software, etc.) I would like to gain access to the training as part of my personal goals are to move into storage. So here are my questions:

1. How can I other members of our team here gain access to the materials if we only own one device, or for administrative purposes, register all devices under one user?

2. If I were to personally go buy a NetApp device, and register it's serial number, would I personally gain access to the materials? Is there a specific device that I would need (i.e. has to be a head and a shelf, etc.) to ensure I would get the privledges? What if it was used and registered to someone else, would that present a problem?

3. By just owning one device (say a FAS250 or even something older) does that give me access to say training on ONTAP 8?

My goal here is to certify in a couple storage compentencies to move into that area. I do have storage experience from a backup perspective (TSM Guru) but I've found that a lot of backup administrator jobs want me to have disk experience as well. I would also like to become a consultant in the area, and if I was certfied in say NetApp products, I might recommend them more to my consultant customers...

Any help or information would be appreciated.


Re: Access to NetApp University


Jared -

I'm a NetApp U instructor for Fastlane.

Our 'Training Materials' are in the form of courseware and lab guides. Each student registered for a NetApp class gets courseware that goes with that class. You can visit the NetApp U web site at: . You may wish to visit and take a look at the Fastlane available courses and schedules.

You don't need to take NetApp U classes to get access to documentation, which I constantly refer students to. Documentation can be downloaded from the NOW site Access to NOW is granted based on a supported serial number when you register for your NOW account. Multiple folks at your company can register using the same serial #.

At your service,

Eugene Kashpureff

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