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NCDA certification


Does anyone know if you can get a replacement NCDA Card to keep in your wallet? I took mine when I went to see a recruitment agency, they photocopied it and I didn't get it back. I only realised that I didn't have it recently and teh agency in question deny all knowledge 😞





Hi owemanu,


NetApp no longer offers cards for our certifications and I personally am not familiar with any card showing our certifications, but we have many other offerings that you can use instead of a card.

You have multiple options for sharing your certification status by going to your CertCenter account ( and choose Certifications. Under Downloads on the right most column there are three options to share your certification and certification status:


First, you can add your NetApp certificate logo to your business card/resume by selecting Logo. Instructions for use are found within the file you download.


Second, you can print a copy of your NetApp certificate at any time by selecting PDF certificate. You can print this document or email it. Recipients can validate your certification status by visiting and entering in the Validation Number found on the certificate.


Third, you can add your certification to your LinkedIn profile by selecting Add to LinkedIn. Follow the instructions found within this link to add your certification to your profile.


Finally, another (and in my opinion, the coolest and best looking way) to share your certification status digitally is by using our digital badges. These are found under Badges in the menu. You can download the badge and add it to any digital document or social media account you want. Once added, the badge will bring anyone who clicks on it to the validation page for your NetApp certification.


I hope that this provided you with additional options that you may not have considered regarding sharing your NetApp certification status.


Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Greg Hyman

NetApp Certification and Accreditation Program Manager


Hi M8, just wondering if you can put me in right direction....NS0-157 - changed to NS0-158 and I cannot find any exam question to buy from any site...the exam is so new ..I cannot find any test takers views.


do you have idea ...that can I pass this exam preparing NSO-157...please assist.






Hello Kash,


The NS0-158 did replace the NS0-157 earlier this month. The materials available to prepare for the new exam can be found here: This includes recommended courses, a practice exam and links for reference documentation.


My concern is that you say that "you cannot find any questions to buy from any site" which indicates to me that you are looking to purchase "brain dump" materials. This is a violation of the NetApp Exam Security Policy ( as prior access to exam questions can lead to the invalidation of the exam attempt up to and including being banned from the NetApp Certification Program. Please review our exam security policy and make certain that you are not doing anything to violate this policy.


Greg Hyman

NetApp Certification and Accreditation Program Manager