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NS0-155 exam rescoring?

So I took the NS0-155 exam a couple of times at Insight and didn't quite pass (my scores were in the 70-75% range). There were some problems with the exam and when I asked I was told that they'd be rescoring them.

So yesterday I went to look at my score sheets to see if rescoring had allowed me to pass (unlikely) and more importantly what areas I needed to concentrate on in order to pass if I retake the exam. To my surprise, I discovered that my scores were now at 40% and 25%. While I may not have passed, I know I did better than that.

Can anyone tell me what's going on?


Re: NS0-155 exam rescoring?

The actual new rescoring was supposed to be completed by yesterday evening, so you were caught in the transition. Final scoring should be complete by end of week.

All notifications will be sent out by the close of this week.   The new records will not be transferred over to CertMetrics until later today or first thing tomorrow morning.


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Re: NS0-155 exam rescoring?

Great, thanks!

Re: NS0-155 exam rescoring?

A couple of questions on this:

1)  Is the re-scoring for NS0-156 or NS0-155? 

2)  If this is for NS0-156 (and the subject of this thread is incorrect), can we get a status on this re-scoring?  I took a look at CertMetrics last night (12/6) and it now shows a "Fail" status for the NS0-156 exam that I passed previously with a 83% passing grade.  Based on your previous post, it looks like the CertMetrics update should already have been done and I'm not sure how I go from a passing 83% to a "Fail" status.



Re: NS0-155 exam rescoring?

All of this talk of rescoring makes me wonder what the current requirements are to pass?  I've seen it said that passing is either 75% or 80%, and I've seen it said that the test is 60 questions and 75. 

And details would be great!

Re: NS0-155 exam rescoring?

Ken, I was definitely referring to the NS0-155, the 7-mode date administration exam. They may or may not have rescored some of the other exams.

Re: NS0-155 exam rescoring?

Marcus,unfortunately the passing score is 80%. I say "unfortunately" for purely selfish reasons because after rescoring I am still at 77%.

In terms of the material on the exam, I would take a look at the practice exam for NS0-154 (since they don't have one for NS0-155 yet) and also the topic list just below it at the following link.

There used to be a link to the NS0-154 study guide, which probably covers 85-90% of the exam material, but that appears to have been taken down.

Re: NS0-155 exam rescoring?

Thanks Michael!

It's been tough to find anything in relation to NS0-155.  I took the Accelerated NDSA class last week.  I have followed that up with the online classes including the one for VST and the 8.1.1 updates.

The NS0-154 practice exam threw me off a bit at first, but after some time I feel stronger about it.  My biggest fear is that there will be a ton of command line related questions, as it is so easy to be off just a bit on one of the answers.  I would rather just be given a Netapp and asked to configure it a certain way in x amount of time.  For that case I wouldn't mind doing it both in command line and System Manager.

It's simply a lot of content to try and remember.  I'm taking it tomorrow around 11, so we will see how it goes.

I found the link for the NS0-155 Practice Exam buried elsewhere, but it is not active.



Re: NS0-155 exam rescoring?

Took it this morning and scored a 92%.  The Study guide for NS0-154 and practice exams helped a lot.

Now, on to NCIE 😃

Re: NS0-155 exam rescoring?

I just received an email that my NS0-155 score of 79% had been upgraded to a passing score as a result of the re-scoring 🙂

If i remember correctly the requirements are: NS0-155/75 questions/80% to pass. NS0-156/60 questions/75% to pass.

Re: NS0-155 exam rescoring?

Hi Marcus,

For NCIE-SAN 7 mode (NS0-502), what is the passing score? earlier it was 70%. Like NS0-155, is the passing score for NS0-502 has also been changed??

As far as I know, for NS0-502, there are 68 questions.

Re: NS0-155 exam rescoring?

The passing score is still 70% for NS0-502.

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