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New to Netapp and SANs in general



I am moving to a company that is a large Netapp partner and will be supporting netapp products. I have experience with Dell MD SAN arrays but no knowledge of Netapp arrays. Is there any recommended reading I should get through before starting the job? Do Netapp have simulators for public use to get used to the products before going hands on?

Many Thanks




There is NetApp U (on line training) and there are simulators but you will need a partner or customer  account to download it I'm afraid; but it maybe worth your while watching some of the videos on NetApp you tube channel and various videos for setting SW up on there.

You can get access to some of NetApp's TRs via the main web site, just search for the topic (VMware/HyperV/echange etc) and best practice.

Thanks, will try some of the free Netapp U courses hopefully can pick up enough to get started and learn on the job.

Once I am in the company I should be able to apply for partner access to get the simulators.