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Where to start training if you have been using NetApp for a long time


I have been using NetApps for a very long time but strictly using CIFS/NFS on entry level FAS270/2020 filers.   I now need to get up to speed on SAN (FC, iSCSI), Vmware ESX best practices, clustering and software products on medium range storage servers like FAS3040/3200. 

The 7-Mode Administration course seems pretty basic to me, but it is listed as a requirement for Accelerated NCDA Bootcamp class and others.   Is it an absolute requirement?   I looked at the course topics and ANCDA class seems more along the lines of my expert level and starts to cover what I need to know.



I'd look over the course blueprint and if you're comfortable performing all those tasks fairly easily, then I would skip it.  It's really a requirement for those with minimal experience.  It's not an absolute requirement. 


I want this from the basic administration


I would take the C-Mode class, this is going to help you the most in the long run.



Can you please let me know where do i get this C-Mode class. Can you please guide me.


Hi John,

As suggested, the Data ONTAP 7-Mode Administration course is for someone with minimal experience. Yet, a better way to determine if you should go straight to ANCDA is to take the Practice test: It is listed on the NetApp certification page. If you score 80%, then go straight to ANCDA.

However, if Clustering is a requirement for you (as listed above) and you're looking at the long-term, then Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode Administration is what you should take.There is even a practice test for Cluster-Mode. Check out the learning path on the NetApp site here:

Other courses I'm going to suggest can be found on the Customer Learning Map here:

For FAS3200 Series, select: Storage Expert>Storage Systems and take the following:

FAS3200 and V3200 Series Architecture and Configuration

FAS3200 and V3200 Series Troubleshooting  

For VMware ESX, select: System Administrator>Virtualization and take the following:

Virtual Storage Console: Install, Operate and Troubleshoot

Or get a free previous of the above course by taking "Getting Started with NetApp Software: End-to-end VMware Workflow Management" :

For free training on other software products, select: NetApp Fundamentals - Free Training. Take a look around. I hope this reply was helpful.




The hardware revision isnt that relevant, basically what you can do on a FAS270 commandset wise you can do on a FAS6280. I started off working on F740's and now work on FAS6280/3240's the concepts in hardware are still effectively the same, just bigger

The Data ONTAP x.x Block Access Management Guides and a sim are a good place to start, as are the various TR's for VMware.

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