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NS0-155 Certification Exam

I am new to NetApps. I have taken the 7-Mode Administration course, the Accelerated NCDA Boot Camp, and a few online courses. How can I prepare for this exam? I don't administer any NetApp systems as of yet and don't have access to the simulator for practice.


Re: NS0-155 Certification Exam

Hi David,

For details on exam requirements, visit our certification page at To get all of your questions answered regarding the NS0-155 exam, visit our FAQ page here: Also, there is a practice exam that will help you understand what areas you may need to focus on in order to pass the NS0155 Exam:


Re: NS0-155 Certification Exam

Hi David,

First tip: it is "NetApp" not "NetApps".

Secondly, the link to the 154 study guide has been removed in preparation for the introduction of 155, but if you hunt around the site you might find it.

Best of luck.



Re: NS0-155 Certification Exam

Dear All,

I am new and plan to get NCDA. I tried to look for the 155 study guide but no luck.

Appreciate your further advises.

best rgds,


Re: NS0-155 Certification Exam

There is a link for the NS0-155 practice exam but it is not working:

Also,  I cannot find anywhere that says if passing is 75% or 80%, and if the question is 60 or 75 questions.


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