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NetApp Learning Services Discussions

Renewing NCIE-SAN ONTAP (NSO-519) now requires retaking NCDA (NSO-161)?


All -


Anyone have any updated information would be appreciated.  Was looking into registering to renew my NCIE-SAN ONTAP now rather than wait for Insight, especially where there will not be free exams during Insight this year (I have about 5 to renew/take this year).


During registration, I was blocked because the NSO-519 test requires passing NSO-161, which is the NCDA test as a pre-req.  However, historically the NCDA has renewed as a child test after taking either NCIE-SAN ONTAP or NCIE-DP tests.  I renewed my NCIE-DP at last years Insight (I alternate them each year), and my certification history shows that my NCDA is good until 2022 despite actually taking the NCDA only once back in 2014 (a very old test in that regard).  


Now NetApp is telling us we need to take it again?  Really?


Bob Greenwald

Senior Systems Engineer, cStor

NCIE-SAN ONTAP; NCIE-Data Protection

NCSE-ONTAP Specialist


FlexPod Design Specialist





Hi - This sounds like an error on the back-end that needs to be fixed immediately. Any of the prior versions of NCDA will meet that pre-req. As long as both the NCDA and specialist level remain/have remained active, there is no need to retake NCDA. I will see if I can get this taken care of and I ask that you try to schedule again tomorrow and send an email if you continue to face issues. 


As for Insight, I have attached a PDF on the latest and greatest testing info. Although exams will not be free this year, there will be an INSIGHT 2020 discount. 


Good luck! 


Well - there was a change - now Pearson's has listed any of the NSO-160 and -161 variants.  Still doesn't help me, as I took NDCA NSO-156 in 2014.  So question remains - do we have to take a new NCDA test despite having a valid NCDA that is currently co-running with my NCIE-Data Protection cert until 2022 just to renew my NCIE-SAN ONTAP that expires in January 2021.


Bob Greenwald


No, I will need to have that version added to the PVUE logic. I apologize for this delay. There were changes with how logic is defined for PVUE and we are working through the new requirements!

Brandi Einhorn
NetApp Learning Services Evaluation Manager
716-725-9609 Mobile Phone
7301 Kit Creek Rd, Durham, NC 27709<>



Brandi -


Vendors - gotta love 'em, no?  🙂




Hey Bob, how you doing buddy? 


Not sure.. sounds odd for sure.  Are you checking here?  ->    


Your question was passed along directly to folks I know at NetApp Learning Services (Formally NetAppU) hopefully we'll get a reply here.    

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