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Resetting number of tries for an exam


An APSP/PS Certified partner is taking the NAIP certification courses and having issues with the exam.  The student has tried to take it using Safari and FireFox only to have the exam kick him out and use up all three tries to pass the exam.  I experienced the same issues with FireFox and Chrome and was only able to complete the exam using Internet Explorer.  How do we go about giving the partner another try to take the exam?

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Re: Resetting number of tries for an exam


Explorer had a window sizing issue too where the first screen didn't show the next button..and no way to scroll.  The second time in I resized the resolution and it worked with Explorer 8.  One or two of the questions were a bit "out of date" but other than that an easy exam... but not fair that the test counts a try when you never even got into it... so it looks like it took me 2 times to pass.

Re: Resetting number of tries for an exam


Check the error message, it will point you to

create an account, log a case and they will unlock it for you.

I had the same issue with the NASAP acrediation, offically they only support I.E. 7(??) which ment the only reliable way i had to do the exams was in a virtual machine :S (linux)

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