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Study blueprint for NCDA certification

Hey all,

  I just obtained my VCP and I am now looking into obtaining a NCDA certification.  I guess I am not sure where to start as far as training materials.  I would prefer to study on my own.  I have downloaded the simulator and also have access to 4 2040's at my job.  What documentation should I go over and read?  Is there some type of outline I can follow or a book I can read that will allow me to properly study for the exam?  Are there any other requirements besides passing the test?  Like mandatory courses?  Just interested to see what people suggest and what helped them pass the test.

  Also, how hard and invloved is the test?  I am somewhat new to Netapp storage and I want to have an understanding of what I might be getting myself into!

Thanks for your help!


Study blueprint for NCDA certification


Study blueprint for NCDA certification

Just go through the link give,But u should decide u self eaither u want to write NSO-153 & NSo163 for DOT 7.3 or NSO-154 only on DOT 8.1---ClusterMode, at the same time a lot of stuff available on,just by typing netapptraining in search box ,any thing more u want sent/post a mail to and

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