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Consistency point snapshot

What is consistency point snapshot?

Do we able to access that snapshot?




Consistency point snapshot

Its not a snapshot. Its a CP created when triggering a snapshot.

Consistency point snapshot

What was the diff b/w snapshot and consistency point?

Consistency point snapshot

Consistency Point:

a CP is triggered whenever the Filesystem reaches a point where it wants to update the physical data on the disks, with whatever has accumulated in Cache (and was journaled in NVRAM).


a SnapShot is created whenever the snap-schedule is configured to trigger it or any other operation (SnapManager, SnapDrive, SnapMirror, SnapVault, Administrator) creates a new SnapShot. Creating a SnapShot also triggers a CP, because the SnapShot is ALWAYS a CONSISTENT IMAGE fo the Filesystem at this point in time.

You can access a SnapShot by many ways, e.g. mapping the network driveletter to a CIFS Share and then change into the ".snapshot" directory (or ~snapshot).

You cannot access a CP, because this is a process happening internaly in the filesystem.

Hope this answers your question,


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