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Why does NetApp make it so hard for thier Certified members???


I have been working with NetApp appliances for 8 years +. I am a NetApp NCDA. I am a freelance IT consultant and contract specifically for NetApp contracts with third parties and sometimes with partners.

I get very frustrated that I have restricted access to support. For instance, I cannot even download the simulators!!

Having made such a significant personal investment and commitment to NetApp with brand loyalty at the top of my agenda when recommending systems to clients, I wonder if NetApp do actually value our contribution.

I also  wonder if NetApp are actually going to do anything about this or just sit there as they have done for many years ignoring us?

I would dearly love to see a response to this.




Hi Colin,

My apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The reason why you are unable to access the simulator or most parts of the Support site is because you are currently set up with "Guest" access. There was a case 6151816 open recently wherein you had requested to change the email address from to

One of my admins working on this case, informed you about the access level being downgraded from Customer to Guest since there was no company we could associate the Support account to. In order to access most documentations or software's, the account should be set up with "Customer" access for which we would need the following:

1. Valid Company name

2. Valid Serial Number associated with the company

3. email address matching the company domain

Once we receive this information, we can upgrade the access for your account from Guest to Customer.

Once again, i am sorry if we couldn't help you any further but please do reach out to me, if you have any questions.


Vijith S. Unnithan

Manager, NetApp Support Site Admins.

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HI Vijith

I appreciate the reply and I do understand the username to company association.

But lets put things into perspective. Being NCDA must have benefits. Being MCSE has tons of support benefits, from as far as NCDA is concerned I don’t really see any benefits and THIS is the point I am making.

Why penalise me for being NCDA and unassociated with a company IF I am freelance and wholly recommend NetApp products which is why I tweeted on NetAppUK asking for someone senior to acknowledge and reply to the thread.

I know that when I consult for a partner, I can associate MY id with them, but honestly, I fall back to the point I made above, MCSE, CCNA/E, VMware qualified “persons” get support benefits…..NCDA…...

Colin Arthurs: