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interview ques?

hey, can anybody post me the link for the most frequently asked interview questions on storage for administration ,troubleshooting.  and performance.


Re: interview ques?

I'm not aware of such a FAQ list. Feel free to make up your own questions, based on what you think is important to the open position you have.



Re: interview ques?

I always start off with nice easy questions, like what is a LUN?  This helps the person settle down and get past nerves etc.  It is good to keep them over a broad range of topics to get an idea of the scope of knowledge.  I always like the physical cable question.  What can you tell me about that.  It can show they have a sense of humor and weather of not they know anything about cables.  If they can not tell you what a (patch lead / crossover cable)  is, they are missing very basic skills so start to question how hands on they are.

The network diagram with a bad default gateway is also good.  Shows problem solving and they understand basic IP.

Hope it helps.

Re: interview ques?

My favorite....

Are you SNIA Certified?


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