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is ther any specific guide on troubleshooting for netapp. if so plz specify the link


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What problem do you have? Could you be more specific? Thanks,   -Wei

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There are also sorts of guides, blogs and courses.  What are you looking for?


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Hi bren,

i am looking for some blogs and guides stuff which can help me to trouble shoot some common problems.can u plz suggest?

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Please take a look at this TR: Hope it helps.   -Wei

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Your question is really hard to answer as it covers EVERY problem out there. That is mission impossible for us. What I do suggest is that you create

a login on

and familiarize yourself with the website. Its pretty good. Also, take a look in Software download > toolchest. There are a few good tools there. One is an

Ontap simulator you can install on a LINUX box for testing. It can run a cluster of controller or just a single head.

This is a good starting point

and this


Re: troubleshoot

Loads of free training here

The content is very 'dry' but a good start.  Recommend the NCDA training if you can get on it.  Loads of links on this community if you search for NCDA and it is how I learnt.

Hope it helps


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