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Shall we discuss abt NCIE-B&R Plz ?


Please share your preparation & study strategies for NS0 510 exam



I have just finished NCDA and recommend reviewing/answering forum and community posts.  I found it forced me to widen understanding of NetApp beyond what we us at our site.  I also plan NCIE in the near future but I need to finish my VCP 1st.



I've recently passed my ns0-163 and attained my NCDA and I would like to prepare for ns0-510 but I can't find any materials. no information on the syllabus, number of questions, pass rate..etc

This is all I have to go on can anybody assist?

Yes I am trying to get ready to sit my NS0-501 SAN and NS0-510 Backup/Recovery Exams shortly and cant seem to find any information. Dont know why this information is so secret to be honest?


Hi Trevor,

We have heard your voice and are in the process of updating the Certification website to include more info about the exams, like identifying the skills tested, cut score and exam time. I will research this and post the information back here later today for the 2 exams you referenced.

In regards to certification study guides, we have received good feedback on the NCDA study guide and have started development for more exam study guides. The next study guide to be published, is supporting the new NCDA exam; NS0-154 Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode.

Also, note that there is a new SAN NCIE exam staged for release soon, NS0-502, which will include virtualization topics. I will check with the certification team on the release date of this exam too.

Good luck in your certification plans.





Thanks for your response, just wondering how you are going finding out this exam information for those two exams?

Thanks for letting me know about the new NCDA Exam and NCIE exam, sounds quite interesting and have to look out for these, will there be beta exams for these exams and how would I apply for these? Or when will they be released to the public ?

Also if I may ask one question on top of these when you are speaking to the Certification team, when is the NCIE Business Continuity exam coming out ?

Thanks for all your time and help


Could you please let me know the release dates or beta dates for the two exams mentioned - NCDA exam NS0-154 Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode & NS0-502 NCIE SAN ONTAP 8 as I am quite interested in these exams, especially the NCIE SAN for ONTAP 8

I am about to go and sit my NCIE SAN Exam in about an hour, still dont know how many questions or what the pass mark would be but all will be discovered shortly


Hi BW,

study guide supporting the new NCDA exam; NS0-154 Data ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode

Is this study guide already released for NS0-154 .

can u please take us to the link if so.

please respond.

Thanks & Regards,

Divakar Shastry