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is there an easier way to tell what disk shelf is compatible with a controller?


Hello All,

Firstly thank you for taking the time to read this. I have a question and it involves the exams and some of the questions that  I have seen in some of the pratcise exams. I need to sit the E-Series NSO-515 exam and also the NSO-002 as soon as possible. The company is pushing hard to get these done ASAP but as im not an installtion engineer i dont really get to see the back of the systems. 

so my question is;

Is there some way that makes it easier to be able to determine which disk shelf is compatable with a particular version of controller?


Many Thanks 




check out hardware universe   -> 


hi Spindle Ninja

Yes i have been looking through the HWU but looks at all the compatible disk shelfs for each model of controller my brain is a mush with trying to remember all these. So I was just curoius if there was an easier way to remember these when it comes to sitting the exam.

I was wondering if there was there like a "code" 

something along the line of this 2246 where each number represents a particualr item 2 (u in rack) 24 (number of disks) 6 (speed).

where if you have an E2824 model controller is there an easy way to remember the shelf models that are compatable? 


Thanks for the response the brain is mush trying to get this exam passed. 




For the E-Series, a lot of it relise on what version of the OS it's running.  


But the shelves can be broken in to two gens.   6GB and 12GB,  anything with a C at the end is 12G and the model numbers match close to what the FAS counterpart is, but with the prefix of DE, not DS.    The   8.30.x version of SANtrcity is where we start to see the compatibility of the C shelves.   


Most controllers can support both too,  but require separate loops for each speed.