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I have 2 netapp now accounts (one at work, and a guest access account that I created before being told by netapp that I can only have one account active at the same time).

They haven't deactivated my guest account - I have been using mostly my work account.

I have no problem using just my work account (although i might want to keep work and none work related matters separate) - So my questions are:

  1. What happens to my account with all the history/bookmark/courses... the day I leave my employer. Do I lose all of that and will I then have to create a guest account/ That I will then have to suspend/close once I work for a netapp partner/customer again?
  2. I understand that with a guest account, access to certain areas are restricted (ontap sim) - The only way to have access to such resources is to be either a customer or a partner - What happens if I ever become self employed netapp engineer?

Also, I am ready to take MS0-145 - When I pass, does that get linked to my netapp now account at all?



Re: netapp now account

If it's your account you keep it and disassociate yourself with that company, when you join a new company you register yourself with that one. These accounts are meant to follow you for your entire NetApp career

Re: netapp now account

Thanks for your response

So which account should I scrap now?

- The one my manager created for me


- My personal account that I created first (netapp said I cannot use my non-corporate [gmail] email address with my corporate account).

Re: netapp now account

i keep my one that's registered w/ my corporate email address, when i change or leave a job i register it back to my personal address until i have my new work's email address. this account has followed me through 3 different companies already.

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Re: netapp now account

That sounds like a good option but I'm concerned that in the case, the account isn't actually mine as such and can be revoked/deleted by my manager any time. And if I was to be made redundant for instance, what would happen to the account (it is registered with my work email so I don't have total control of that account)?

Would it not be better to just use a non corporate account over which I would have total control? But then this would only ever have guest level access?

I am struggling to understand how Netapp think. There has to be an easy way.


Re: netapp now account

Ok, thanks for your help lasswellt, I'm closing this account now and will only use my corporate account that i'll hopefully be able to keep.

Re: netapp now account

Hi Sylvain,  Just for clarification, your Support Account is yours in the same way any social media account belongs to you. Your manager does not have the power to revoke your account, only to disassociate it from the organization. However, you can change your email address as stated but your history will continue to exist.  Please submit a support ticket requesting the accounts be merged instead of deleted.

Supply the user account information for the ID to be removed and the account to merge your history into.  In regards to certification, it does not get linked to your history in our learning management system. However, we have a separate interface that allows you to manage your certifications: 

Once you have completed the NS0-145 exam, you can go there and register to manage your certification credentials, receive NetApp badging and have a formal certificate mailed to you. Make sure you supply the same support ID of your permanent NetApp account during registration. 

Hope this helps! 


Re: netapp now account

Thank you guys, most helpful. I have now logged a ticket to have both my account merged into one.

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