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Hi, I've just recently started a NetApp NCSA course and have signed up to the NetApp site so I can gain access to the NetApp Simulator.  However, when I go to the download page I get an error and it tells me I am not authorised to access that page.

Can anyone help?  Because I don't own any NetApp products am I not allowed to download the simulator?


Nick Williams.



Hi Nick,

essentially: Yes.

As a 'Guest' you don't have access to the simulator, as a 'Customer'/'Partner'/'Employee' you do.

=> You might want to talk to a NetApp representative (e.g. your NetApp contact as you might be a 'future customer'), they might be able to do something about your access and/or might get you a simulator copy 'offline'...

Hope that helps


NCI (NetApp Certified Instructor...)

Hi,My name is Welly Iskand. i'm from Indonesia as Pre sales Mandawani Mandari PT.

i just used NetApp simulator above one month.

i build new experiment topologi with Vmware Esxi  dan Netapp,how i can connected and add datastore with Vsim and Esxi? thanks




Welly -

Create an NFS volume or iSCSI LUN and mount it from your ESX host.

You may want to read through the Express Guides library for additional help.

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

At your service,

Eugene E. Kashpureff

Senior Consultant, K&H Research

Senior Instructor, Unitek Education


thanks you for reply my answered,that problem has been resolved --Thread Clossed-- 😄

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