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starting with netapp


Hi all

I'm new with netapp and I want to start with basics to support configuration in my company, I understand all the process of creation iSCSI, NFS permissions etc but I never configured 7mode from scratch. Is there any documentation or video to understand this process with LACP configuration on stacked switches?

Thanks for nay help.



Hi,  You can get started with the basics by leveraging the free WBT coursware from the Customer Learning Map: 

Start with Data ONTAP 7-Mode Fundamentals: It will allow you to simulate basic configuration of NetApp storage. 

Once you're ready. I advise you register in the Data ONTAP Administration training listed on the learning map.

Hope that helps, 




I would really encourage you to start with Admin guide for 7 mode. Because your questions related more to SAN and network configuration. Question about configuring 7 mode from scratch - yes you can do that but you will get factory default settings.

If you simply narrow down to what are trying to achieve it would be easy to answer.




We are configuring additional shelf of disks 15K with FAS 2240-2. We have people what is taking care of it but I want understand all the connectivity, VIF or multipathing, how to connect it SAS, fiber, 64bit aggregate etc. I will go through documentation. I'm not trying to be an expert just to have some understanding and be able to configure. If you have any recommendations from before experience I'll be happy to read it.