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2 Gbps FCP Host Talking to 4 Gbps Netapp?


Hi All,

This is more of a general SAN/FCP question but does anybody know if there would be any potential issues with a host connecting to a SAN switch at 2 Gbps talking to our NetApp that is connected at 4 GBps?

The concern is that when the host needs to read data from a NetApp LUN the Netapp will attempt to send data back to the host at 4 Gbps which will cause issues because the host is connected to the SAN at 2 Gbps.  




Re: 2 Gbps FCP Host Talking to 4 Gbps Netapp?


No problems at all. Having a higher capacity connection on the NetApp will be good as it can handle requests from multiple clients without issue. No communication going to the client will exceed 2 Gbps, the switch will handle any buffering required.

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