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CIFS Latency

I'm trying to use the NMSDK to calc CIFS latency.

As per the Performance Management Design Guide I'm calculating

CIFS Latency as:

     (cifs_latency at time2 - cifs_latency at time1)

               divided by

     (cifs_latency_base at time2 - cifs_latency_base at time1)


But when I test against a filer that is totally idle I get the same values

at times  1 and 2 even when I wait 5 seconds between calls. For

example, in Java I do:


t1 = getPerfCounters("cifs","cifs_latency,cifs_latency_base");

Thread.sleep(5 * Timer.ONE_SECOND);

t2 = getPerfCounters("cifs","cifs_latency,cifs_latency_base");


Note: getPerfCounters() is just a helper method that uses the




NaElements to get Counters named




Is there another way to get the last known latency values?



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