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CIFS allow rule based on IP Address

Hi all, I am wondering if there is any way to setup allow rules on CIFS shares to restrict share access from only one host based on IP address. I have a share that I only want to be able to access from one server for security reasons.

This would be similar to the "rw=" paramter you can set on NFS exports.

I have seen reference to restricting whole domains and subnets to accessing a filers shares using the usermap.cfg file ( but this doesnt seem to offer what I need.

Any help appreciated.


Re: CIFS allow rule based on IP Address

its not possible.

you might create a local cifs user specificaly for that server only tho and create a share where only that user can have access.

CIFS allow rule based on IP Address

Guessing the resounding silence means there's no way to do this? Anyone .... ???

Re: CIFS allow rule based on IP Address

The only way possible in 7-Mode is what you see in the KB article.  In Clustered Data ONTAP you can create was are called export-policy rules that would do more what you are referencing.

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