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CIFS :: issues with file transfers


Hi everyone,


Today I've seen a very strange problem and I don't know where to start troubleshooting.


We have a volumes and a suitable shares. Our Users access those shares via DFS as network drives. At this point everything is fine.

But then, a User started a copy job (simple Windows Explorer copy&paste) about 5 files from a share on filer A to a share on filer B.


Then the copy window opens and it copies 1 or 2 files and then the window closes. No error Message appears.

The User can see only 3 or 2 or sometimes only 1 file of his copied files. If I open the share I can see more files are copied, but not all.


Sometimes it happens that no files are copied and no copy window opens...


How can I troubleshoot such a behaviour?



Filers are FAS3070, running Ontap 7.3.7P1.



Thx 4 any answer.


Re: CIFS :: issues with file transfers




did this only occur on this particular user or everyone windows machine? any messegas you can see from client side or filer side? does this client use ip_address to map the cifs share or filer_name? is the time sync between filers, DC and client windows? 

try this kb and see if it helps?


hopefully useful



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