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CIFS on a sepcific vlan


I have a filer  (2040 8.1.2p3 7-Mode)   that I have currently configured with 2 vlans on an ifgrp using e0a and e0b.   the 144 vlan is for a domain that we use for management and the other vlan is for the domain where the data will be stored.  I would like to create a cifs server but cannot get it to communicate on the vlan where the data is.   


I am relatively new to administering netapp although I have been around it for quite some time.   Is it possible to force the CIFS server to use a specific vlan?    I have already setup "options interface.blocked.cifs vif1-144"  which is the vlan for the domain that we use for management.     I am getting a cannot resolve KDC for domain error




I'm not sure I understand the problem. Client will contact server based on client side name resolution; if CIFS server name resolves to address in your data VLAN, client will be using it. There is not much you can do on filer side.