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Strange behaviour with previous versions from Windows 7


We have a FAS3140 running DOT 7.3.6P4 serving Cifs shares to our Windows users (both XP and Win7).

When accessing the previous versions tab of a file from a Windows 7 machine we are getting "There are no previous versions available". When hitting F5 to refresh the contents, we are getting some partial info. Hitting F5 once more gives us all the correct previous versions. Accessing the previous versions of the same file from a Windows XP gives us the correct info from the first time.

Any ideas on how to get the correct info from the first time from Win7?




Is SMB2 enabled on the filer?

Have you seen similar threads, e.g.





Yes SMB2 is enabled on the filer.

I have seen the thread you mention, but our symptoms are somehow different. We manage to get the previous version but not from the first time.




In the root of the server share, is there shortcuts to anywhere else.
I have seen massive folder hangs because say \\server\share$ had shortcuts to places within the share, places outwith the share etc etc etc - this issue manifested itself in the strangest of ways, opening up the folder shortcut and more curiously, inserting hyperlinks into emails.
I think that's a weird "by design" option. It's been bugging me for months. Typically when I expand folders, it's very distracting to have the expanded folder jump to the bottom of the left pane. It just requires me to constantly scroll down whenever I want to enter several sub-folders deep.

Anyway, I found something that seems to fix it for me.

I hit the Start Button...and type "edit group policy". In the Local Group Policy Editor, I went to:

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Explorer

Then I enabled "Turn on Classic Shell".

So far I'm not sure what else this changes in Windows Explorer, but at least for the time being, my folders aren't jumping to the bottom when I expand them.


*edit* - On second thought, I guess it is still jumping on folders that I haven't been in before. I realize you said that in your post, but prior to changing that setting, it was jumping on me regardless of if I'd been in the folder previously. =[