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CIFS :: issues with file transfers


Hi everyone,


Today I've seen a very strange problem and I don't know where to start troubleshooting.


We have a volumes and a suitable shares. Our Users access those shares via DFS as network drives. At this point everything is fine.

But then, a User started a copy job (simple Windows Explorer copy&paste) about 5 files from a share on filer A to a share on filer B.


Then the copy window opens and it copies 1 or 2 files and then the window closes. No error Message appears.

The User can see only 3 or 2 or sometimes only 1 file of his copied files. If I open the share I can see more files are copied, but not all.


Sometimes it happens that no files are copied and no copy window opens...


How can I troubleshoot such a behaviour?



Filers are FAS3070, running Ontap 7.3.7P1.



Thx 4 any answer.





did this only occur on this particular user or everyone windows machine? any messegas you can see from client side or filer side? does this client use ip_address to map the cifs share or filer_name? is the time sync between filers, DC and client windows? 

try this kb and see if it helps?


hopefully useful