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CIFS sub folder share is not accessible

We have ontap 8.1.3 7-Mode on Netapp storage FAS2240-2.

Created following shares

cifs shares -add test2 /vol/sharetest/--Qtree
cifs shares -add test3 /vol/sharetest/testfolder/-- sub folder

Shares are added to domain,included all admin groups.

Revoked ACL's "everyone" in sub folder share(/vol/sharetest/testfolder/).

As of now unable to access share from parent share and share as well.

Please suggest to resolve the same.


Re: CIFS sub folder share is not accessible

Is the security style unix?  qtree status will show and you may need to change to ntfs or create a user mapping uid --> sid if it will stay unix.

Re: CIFS sub folder share is not accessible

We have exact same issues with OS X 10.9

- FAS2240-2

- ONTAP 8.1.3 7-Mode

- UNIX style

- NT4 Domain and OpenLDAP mapping

These ACLs will refuse same folder:




These will work.



Strange, that these did not made any difference on OS X Clients < 10.9.

Another curiosity, changing the view in the finder before connecting the share to "List View" will allow entering the subfolders. That could be kind of a workaround, beside changing the ACLs:-)

Same issue exists on 8.2 Simulator.

Re: CIFS sub folder share is not accessible

The following NetApp Support Site KB article should help you find out where the breakdown is:

How to troubleshoot Microsoft Client permission issues on a NetApp 7-Mode storage system

It's broken down into sections based on the version of ONTAP the storage controller is running.  Given your version of ONTAP, follow the section titled "Data ONTAP 7.3.1 and Later".


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