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Delete Qtree - Not Empty


Hi All,

I have some qtrees full with CIFS data I need to delete, I cannot do so as thet are not empty. It will take sometime to delete all of the CIFS data due to not having NTFS permissions and ownership over the folder/files. I don't really want to have to take ownership and mess with permissions in order to delete the qtrees.

Surely there is a way to force the deletion of the qtree, I did see some one mentions the priv set advanced commands but I want to be sure rather than just attempting commands as this is a live filer.

Can someone assist?



Delete Qtree - Not Empty


What command are you using to try the delete? What is the error message?

Delete Qtree - Not Empty


I did it in the end, I used the following commands. It sits there for a while deleting but it does the trick.

priv set advanced

qtree delete -f /vol/volume/qtree

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Re: Delete Qtree - Not Empty


Thanks, m8. I was already wondering. Why would you have a command like qtree create /vol/volume/qtree but there is no qtree delete /vol/volume/qtree

But then I compared qtree help under normal prompt and then in privilege advanced mode and understood that NetApp thinks that that command to be a bit risky and I understand the privilege mode a little bit better again.

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