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Cannot delete CIFS share


I am trying to delete a CIFS share and it's not going well at all.

System is a FAS3140, DataOnTap is 7.3.2P4

I have tried to delete the share via the MMC console ("stop sharing"), the web interface (cifs->shares->{select the share}->Delete, and via the CLI (cifs shares -delete _ITDepot and cifs share -delete -f _ITDepot).

The only feedback that indicates anything going on is on the CLI:  Fri Apr 19 11:48:51 EDT [cmasd3001155a: smbrpc.forceClose.share.timeout:warning]: CIFSRPC: Close of share _ITDepot has not completed and has taken 3660 seconds.

I need the space back that this share is consuming.  Can anyone offer any tips on how to get this space released?





If it can't be deleted  then it is most likely in use.

CLI - cifs sessions

I would try to terminate CIFS, restart it and try to delete that share again

Also stop sharing does not free up a space, you have to physically delete data belongs to that share ( i would previuosly disable snapshots as well)

PS can you simply just delete data from that share, you willmost likely see which files are in used.


I was afraid that this might be a possibility.  So I basically have to wait until a nul usage time in order to fix this.  The engineers are going to love that.  Right now, it looks like there are "lots" of sessions open and I am not seeing where the "cifs sessions" command is indicating what files/volumes are in use.

If it matters, this problematic volume had one weird thing going on with it: I could not remove some ACLs from the share.  Just like this attempt at removing the export, the interface(s) would go through the motions but not actually do anything.

Yeah, I know about the data not being deleted at first.  There are compound problems here I think.  This share is on a shared volume (multiple exports off of one volume):  such as /vol/satavol/x and /vol/satavol/y.  My goal (besides deleteing the share) is to recover the space back to the aggregate so it can be reutilized on a different volume (which is almost out of space).



try - cifs sessions -s it might helps a bit.
Also MMC - open files under shared folder in 2003 and mange open files under Share and Storage amnagement in 2008 helps as well.