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Excel file locking issue


Have a CIFS share/ shared excel sheet by 7-10 busines users. Often the file get locked and storage admin need to execute "lock break –h host –p cifs" to release the locks.

Some time this affects the unsaved data. Is there a workaround/solution to prevent from this happening? appreciate your feedbacks.

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Re: Excel file locking issue

Please make sure the security style is cifs only not mixed mode.

options set to :

cifs.oplocks.enable      on
cifs.oplocks.opendelta   0

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Re: Excel file locking issue


I have same problem and my netapp options are as above. Is there something else I can check or do?

Thaks, Aki

Re: Excel file locking issue

Sometimes a Virus Scanner can be part of this issue, try to disable scanning of xls and see if this helps.