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Only one(1) node can be connected with FPolicy server?



The server status which is displayed by show-engine command, it shows "connected" to

one node (RpiaCluster-02) otherwise "disconnected" after configuring the FPolicy server and FPolicy on ONTAP.


  Then, I have 2 questions regarding this server status.
  Question 1. Only one(1) node can be connected with FPolicy server. Is it correct?
  Question 2. Is there any possibility it can be connected with both nodes at the same time?
              e.g. in case of multiple SVM configuration, multi FPolicy settings and multi Policy server.

<Server Status>

RpiaCluster::> vserver fpolicy show-engine
                                   FPolicy           Server         Server
Vserver Policy Name   Node         Server            Status         Type
------- ------------- ------------ ----------------- -------------- -----------
RpiaSvm1                                             disconnected   primary
        RpiaPolicy1   RpiaCluster-
RpiaSvm1                                             connected      primary
        RpiaPolicy1   RpiaCluster-
2 entries were displayed.


Re: Only one(1) node can be connected with FPolicy server?



FPolicy configuration can be defined at the cluster or at the SVM. The scope defines the resources to be monitored within the context of an SVM and operates only on SVM resources.

One SVM configuration cannot monitor and send notifications for the data (shares) belonging to another SVM. However, FPolicy configurations defined on the administrative SVM can be leveraged in all data SVMs.



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Re: Only one(1) node can be connected with FPolicy server?




   Thanks for your response.

   I understood that FPolicy configuration will be managed based on SVM.

   And, its connection also will be established btw it and FPolicy external server.


Best regards,


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