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SMVI, NDMPcopy and DataDomain


We currently onw a 2050c and use it primarily with vSphere as a storage target.  We also have smvi to back up and restore our virtual servers.  I'd like to use NDMPcopy to move our NFS stores to a Datadomain device (archive) via  script but wonder how NDMPcopy manages the snapshots that are created with smvi and how I could restore from archive for policy reasons or if the filer bit the dust and needs some major restoration.

Has anyone done this and would it even work?




Re: SMVI, NDMPcopy and DataDomain

Should be'll just need a backup server in the picture. Basically the data flow will be NetApp (pick an SMVI snapshot to get a nice consistent backup data source) --> Backup Server with NDMP capability (i.e. Backup Exec, NetBackup, etc.) --> Data Domain. You will have to pick up entire volumes due to how NDMP works.

NDMPcopy isn't in the picture here actually in this scenario.

Re: SMVI, NDMPcopy and DataDomain

Like Andrew said, the DD Appliance won't work with ndmpcopy, but can be an ndmp target using ndmp backup software.  Most NetApp/DD integration is done by FC attaching the two appliances (VTL, not NFS on the it works as virtual tape).  It would work as nfs too, but in my experience I see VTL typically and it works well.  If you don't have a free FC port on the 2050, then you would need to add an HBA to the 2050 or ndmp over the network.

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