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Trouble with CIFS and Access with Win XP


Hi guys,

i have mentioned a weird behaviour at a costumers cifs shares.

first of all some details about the infrastructure:


DataONTAP 8.1.1P1

SMB2.0 is Deactivated.

they have cifs shares like "pool1" which have folders like "folder1", "folder2" etc. for each of the folder within the CIFS Share they got a SecurityGroup in their AD to manage the access.



-------Data of Folder 1


-------Data of Folder 2

and so on....

Here's the Problem:

if an client with the os-type Windows XP connects the CIFS Share and have rights so read/write on both, folder1 & folder2 and he cut and paste some files from folder1 to folder2 the pasted files retain the old security and access settings of the origin Folder.

if i do the same with an Windows 7 Client the pasted (cut & paste!) files assume the inherited security settings of the folder. -> Everything fine!

Do one of you have this problems with XP Clients? If yes, how have you fixed this?




Re: Trouble with CIFS and Access with Win XP


Have solved this issue spending hours of researching... it's a client based problem or behaviour which can be controlled with a reg key

In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer create a DWORD called MoveSecurityAttributes and set it to 0

reboot your XP or Windows Server 2003 OS and it works



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