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Using vSCAN



Just wanted to get a feel if people really use vSCAN in production environments to scan CIFS shares, and if so, under what specific conditions (ex. particular volumes vs all volumes, particular apps vs all apps, etc.). Or do you not use vscan since you really on the client-based (or server side) AV software.

Additionally, if you do you use vSCAN, do you configure redundancy on any layer? Also, do you do anything else that's unique?


I am really asking because from our discussions with PS reps and other consultants we have come to believe that most people don't really use the functionality.




Re: Using vSCAN


using the vSCAN on all volumes, in cDOT on the whole SVM - works fine!

Normally i try to use serveral vSCAN Servers - to balance load an define primary and secondary servers to the nodes.

Using the Network Appliance Filer AV Scanner - with ePolicy Orchestrator which gives you the ability to manage a lot of differnet systems and policys.
Once created some policies and relationships it's easy to duplicate them to new systems.

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