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What are the reasons for a indeterminate LUN alignment status


lun show for a iscsi LUN mapped to a windows host is showing intermediate alignment status in DOT 8.2.

What could be the possible reasons? Thanks.

/vol/vol10/lun0  100.0g (107381030400)  (r/w, online, mapped)

  Comment: "Windows_LUN"

  Serial#: W-ZphZbOQvSQ

  Share: none

  Space Reservation: disabled

  Multiprotocol Type: windows


  Occupied Size:  100.1g (107458297856)

  Creation Time: Thu Mar  3 22:31:36 IST 2011

  Alignment: indeterminate   <<<<

  Cluster Shared Volume Information: 0x0



I got my answers, probably the LUN just created and not mapped to host ; that is no I/O to LUN ; so the counters refered for the alignment status does not have data to report the correct status.

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