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Windows Server 2012 and SMB2

Hi all,

I am playing with ONTAP Simulator 8.1.1 & Windows Server 2012.

All the settings on the NetApp side were default, so SMB2 was enabled. Every attempt to access a CIFS share  from w2k12 led to the server reboot. I now disabled SMB2 (options cifs.smb2.enable off) & everything works like a charm.

Is it something specific to simulator maybe, or does w2k12 'dislike' SMB2 on ONTAP (8.1.1)?




Re: Windows Server 2012 and SMB2

OK, bingo!

Just found this:

Setting "options cifs.smb2.signing.reqiured on" solves the issue & now the server talks happily to the simulator over SMB2.1

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Re: Windows Server 2012 and SMB2

Does doing this have any impact on older SMB clients: Windows 7, XP, OSX Snow Leopard or Lion/Mountain Lion?


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