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"Directory does not exist" when creating CIFS share?

What's up with this? First off, I had a test volume with a few shares. I renamed the volume to be more descriptive. The shares were fine. However, adding a new share always gave me the "Directory /vol/shares/sharename does not exist" error. Thinking something had just gotten messed up, I deleted the shares and then deleted the volume. I recreated the volume "shares" at /vol/shares and then tried to create a share "Applications" at /vol/shares/apps. It gives me the error. In fact, it gives me the error no matter what name I put or even a different path. I've recreated the volume several times including giving it the original "vol1" name that it had before I originally renamed it. I just keep getting "directory does not exist" when I try to create a share. I've also rebooted the filer to no avail. Am I missing something real easy? When I created shares previously it was just (a) create the volume and (b) create the share with the path using that volume.


Re: "Directory does not exist" when creating CIFS share?

Hey Robert,

If you are creating the shares from the MS console, I believe that is a standard error from MS that should be ignored.

I do not have access to manage filers with GUIs at my new office, and I seem to remember this happening on the MS GUI.

Create the share, ignore the error and try mapping it with appropriate permissions.

Hope this helps.

Anthony Feigl