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First post so go easy on me

We have just migrated our file-sharing from a 2k3 server onto a FAS3140 - all is running well after a few teething problems with netbios/dns redirects.

One thing i still need to figure out is administration permissions.. more specifically the ability to take ownership of files and folders. Our desktop services team have to use this reguarly, however by default the only domain-user group on the filer that can do this (a la windows) is "administrators" which also grants full access to the filer, which of course is undesireable.. Is there a specific permission i can add to a group at around "power user" level to allow taking ownership without giving more admin access?

Thanks in advance

Colin G



A domain administrator should get inherent permissions to do this.

You could use fsecurity, but if you are new to the filers, this may be a bit of a baptism of fire.

A quick option is to simply disallow "Adminstrator" from administering the filer, and leave that function to root or any named domain users you choose.


Very good idea -- System Manager starts to make this stuff easier as well (i.e. managing local users/groups on the NetApp and what they can do).