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upgrade DOT from windows host

I am reading in the ontap upgrade guide that from a windows host you upgrade by mapping a drive to the root of the system - Howerver, if you do not have cifs what is the process for upgrading DOT?


Re: upgrade DOT from windows host

Hi, there are several other methods, all mentioned in on NOW site..

This is a slightly older version of ONTAP, but the upgrade process is essentially the same. Still a good place to start.

Hope this helps.

Re: upgrade DOT from windows host

Pretty sure (its  been awhile since i've tried) that you can connect a host to the \\filer\c$ share without a cifs license.

The other, easier  imo, option is to use http i.e. software get then software install 801RC3_image.tgz

Re: upgrade DOT from windows host

Also, what is SMI-S and do I need it?

Re: upgrade DOT from windows host

This is NetApp's Storage Management Initiative. Please see this KB:

It effectively allows you to install an agent on a client to monitor/receive information your appliance.

do you need it - no. NetApp Operations Manager is very good unless you wish to do something specific with the information.

Hope this answers all your questions and please dont forgot to award any points.



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Re: upgrade DOT from windows host

Thanks for the help

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