Network and Storage Protocols

3140 and FCP


Moving on to configuring block-level access on my new 3140, I realized that half the FCP ports are configured as initiators.  Since I have no fiber shelves or plans to hook up a fiber-attached tape drive, is there any reason I should not configure all of the ports as targets?  I currently have four FC switches.  Eventually these will be collapsed into two but for now it would be much easier to all four ports on each controller.  Stinks that I have to reboot for the change to take effect!



You can do takeover/giveback instead of reboot. For FCP/iSCSI/NFS it should be fully transparent (of course there are other considerations like PAM rewarming).


Thanks for the reply.  I have a big NAS deployment that runs on the other head so I guess I'll need to schedule some downtime when I unhinge that one.