Network and Storage Protocols

8.2 cDOTcluster and WINS / NBNS


Anyone know how to completely disable WINS registration from an 8.2 cluster?  I have left the WINS addresses empty, but it still appears to be sending broadcasts out all interfaces.



You might be able to do this via a firewall policy blocking port 137, which is the WINS name traffic port:

To block it, first create the service:

::>  firewall policy service create -service WINS -protocol tcp/udp -port 137

::> firewall policy service show -service WINS

  (system services firewall policy service show)

Service Name: WINS

    Protocol: tcp/udp

       Ports: 137

Then, apply the service to the data LIF:

::> firewall policy modify -policy data -service WINS -action deny -ip-list

Then see if that takes care of the broadcast... If you're seeing the broadcast on other ports, then do the same for those.


Upon further investigation, firewall policies cannot be used to block traffic on data LIFs. There currently is no way to disable WINS registration in 8.2.

Bug 743882 was opened to address this and may be available in a future release.