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NFS: Finding mounted host information


Hi All,

A NAS qtree is exported to all hosts in a NFS environment (this is an exception, as exports are done to specific hosts usually) with 1000s of linux hosts.

Qtree is reporting NFS activity and we need to find the hosts and unmount on all of them to decommission this NAS mount.

Could you suggest any method to identify the hosts mounting the NFS share  (IP/hostname) from ONTAP?

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This has been asked several times before, but I don't think there has ever been a good method.

You can turn on nfs.mountd.trace, but then you'd have to wait for a remount, and filter out all the other volumes.

You can turn on nfs.per_client_stats.enable, use nfsstat to list all NFS clients, and filter out hosts that appear elsewhere in the NFS exports, though this assumes there are no duplicates, which is unlikely.

Ideally, with that many hosts, there should be some sort of management (or at least shared ssh keys) that would let you check each one's mount tabs - though there you're assuming it's not dynamically mounted in a script or something.

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You can get some info via netstat -a (on the filer) and showmount -a (from a linux server on the network), but it may not be 100%. But it might be close enough to help narrow down the possibilities.